motivating you to keep going

Feel confident, look confident, be amazing

Like you, somedays we question are we good enough?

your words are powerful

You are strong
You are Confident
You are Amazing
We use words and designs to help you regain your confidence


  • Our labels say, “YOU ARE AMAZING”
  • Our designs represent STRENGTH AND COURAGE
  • Every color is chosen to BRIGHTEN YOUR MOOD
uplifting clothing

Haitian-American, Special Needs Teacher, Jordan Jean-Jacques and Piper

Jordan Jean-Jacques created this brand as a tribute to the courage, strength and confidence he sees in his Students with Special Needs. Regardless of one’s challenges, it is having self-confidence that will push you forward.

Serving Others
  • We’re determined to encourage mothers and empower their sons to overcome their circumstances to be successful.  As a lifestyle brand, Jean-Jacques symbolizes strength, perseverance, and the gratitude needed to combat life’s daily challenges. 
  • We are our brother’s keeper, teaching our younger generations that in the process of serving others, you will find self fulfillment and your circumstances does not define you.
  • Through unique uplifting designs, motivational speaking engagements and authoring an informative blog, we are relentless in our pursue of each person helping to encourage another one.

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Need for Motivation
  • Having a lack of self confidence
  • Feeling mentally tired
  • Avoiding interacting with others

We need one another

Helping Our Community

A percentage of every sale is donated to a local community program. Below is list of programs we have donated to:

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Our Future Goals
  • We are committed to teaching our young people that through  serving others, you will find self-fulfillment. 
  • We aim to create more jobs for our special needs community.
  • We will continue to revolutionize the apparel industry to focus more on encouragement and empowerment of our younger generations for the betterment of our society.